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7 Continents, 

182 countries worldwide

Exclusive Weekly Stays

Starting from $249 per week

Sometimes the journey really is about the destination. Secluded beach bungalows, glamorous mountain retreats, inns tucked into remote unspoiled landscapes, and romantic resorts encircled by white sand are extraordinary experiences in and of themselves. Spend your next vacation creating lifelong memories in these new and exotic locations.


Mission Statement

To provide the ultimate vacation experience while becoming a one stop shop to bridging the gap between travel and technology.

Here's what our Members are saying

"Our first family vacation with our new membership was an incredible experience. We were shocked to hear that the other guests at our hotel had paid triple of what we paid. What a wonderful thing to know that we have such a powerful vacation

club on our side. I’m very happy with our membership and I look forward to using it for many more family vacations in the future. “

- Mark and Alicia, Columbus, OH

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